The Pact of Six

Six supernatural beings killed by Malphos who have returned as a composite being to the living world through an eldritch pact.


Sir Bercilak, The Green Knight

Sir Bercilak is the famous guardian of the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend. He was killed by Malphos shortly after the traitor knight made his compact with the devil that possessed him during the Malphos’ assault on the Lady of the Lake. The Green Knight is almost completely concealed within his viridian armour; A pair of bright, almost glowing, green eyes is all that is readily visible of the man beneath the armour when geared for battle. Mists from the lake of Avalon trail from his limbs as he moves and at times the vine pattern on his armour seems real and gives hints of movement. Beneath this ominous appearance was a once jovial bearded man with a deep voice and a hearty laugh. His failure to protect his lady, and the loss of his loved ones to the passage of time, has left him dour upon his return to the mortal world.

Nen-Sala, The High Priestess

Nen-Sala was said to be the daughter of a siren and was raised in a temple of Nepyhtys to become a priestess. This was cut short however by the consolidation of Egyptian worship into the monotheistic worship of the sun god Aten. Angered by the sudden departure from the old gods and cast out from the temple, along with a number of other priestesses, for refusing to convert Nen-Sala studied the ancient tomes of power and began to travel the lands of the dead to beseech the gods for the power to overthrow the pharaoh. Nen-Sala was confronted by numerous threats while traveling these other realms but what few dangers could resist the call of her voice were torn apart by her growing tide of otherworldly followers. Nen-Sala’s dream of restoring the old religion was not realized however as she was in time ambushed by a devil that managed to slip past her followers and closed its fist around her throat to seal her voice before tearing out her vocal chords and claiming that voice for itself. In time this demon would be bound to a mortal knight by the wizard Merlin and form half of the being Malphos.

Gwaenoc, The Broodmother

Where most dragons are wary to produce offspring for fear of usurpation Gwaenoc had found a way around this. She had no true children but she had learned to create utterly obedient servants from her own blood. She had begun to spread these monstrosities across Europe in preparation for an uprising to seize control of the medieval world. This was not to be however as Malphos took notice of these monsters and traced them back to the source to learn the secrets of their creation. When the smoke had cleared from Gwaenoc’s mountain fortress the Broodmother lay slain and Malphos walked clear of the devastation bathed in the dragon matriach’s blood.

Karsomel, The Hero’s Bane

The demon Karsomel terrorized the Mediterranean to rouse hero’s to challenge him for he delighted to see the sudden horror overtake such hero’s as they entered his presence and realized that their powers had left them and they were now no more then any other mortal in Karsomel’s hands. This reign of terror ended when Karsomel ran across Malphos. Malphos impaled Karomsel with javelin’s thrown from outside his debilitating aura and then closed and cut out the demon’s heart.

Arvox, The Pactmaker

In his prime, Arvox moved throughout the mortal world creating a series of Faustian bargains and claiming ever more souls with his ability to hear the thoughts and desires of others and his silver tongue. Arvox’s successes began to create in him an ever growing ambition. Arvox’s intrusions into the mortal world became ever more daring until he drew the attention of a powerful priest. A confrontation between the two resulting in Arvox’s sealing upon the mortal realm. The seal was eventually broken by Malphos who tracked down the location of Arvox’s sealed form to kill him and steal his mind reading abilities.

Alexander Lambert, The Seer

Alexander Lambert had always kept quite about his abilities as an oracle for fear that these powers would make him a target for those looking to abuse them. His fears would eventually be realized as a vision of great certainty and clarity came to him and showed him his death at the hands of Malphos and the forming of the Pact of Six. He couldn’t see the details but knew that something would go horribly amiss unless this came to pass and that he must not avoid this fate. Forewarned with this knowledge Lambert began to prepare for his return as one of the Pact of Six. He used his abilities to quickly amass a fortune gambling and used it to set up a new identity in the government records and built a hidden home beneath an old warehouse for his eventual return.

The Pact of Six

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